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Medium:      Prints
Description: You can view my artwork on Loupe streaming channels or you can go to and go to the shop and purchase.
Medium:      N.F.T.
Title:            Count Vitalik of Ethereum
Description: Vector graphics allow to build high-quality work of art with clean lines and shapes that can scale to any size. They don't mix or blend like paints. So in order to form images, the artist must use techniques such as cross hatching for shades and tones. This is a Pop art piece of one of the founders of Ethereum.
Medium:      N.F.T.
Title:            Prosper and Live Long
Description: POP art piece of two Pop Culture icons. 
Medium:      N.F.T.
Title:            All Ukrainian Girls love Javelines
Description: Plane Jane my character is holding a Javeline 
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