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Thank you for your interest in my art work

  You only have 10 seconds to grab a viewers attention.              Before they decide if its interesting enough
                        to decide if they like it.
            IT GOTS TO POP!!!


I Starting my artistic journey when I was a kid, I love drawing and painting and it really does defines your

childhood in a way. I love cartoons of the 80's and 90's , comic books and pop culture, what kid doesn't?
I knew as I grew up, that I would bring my childhood's experiences into my drawing and art...

I broaden my horizon, did some traveling and went to college. If your in Hunts Point in the Bronx,

go to the Produce Market, they have the best breakfast biscuits in the world.

In 2003, I graduate from a local community college to become a Graphic Artist.

I loved the simplicity of bold clean lines, and the plain jane designs that get the message across fast.

I found out that being a working Graphic Artist, you never really have time to work on your own art

and even worse you not incentivize to be creative. Most of the time your just doing page layout. 

Which is fine, but if you want to make your own art, you have to follow your heart...

I then started to work at Coca Cola where, I had many jobs, none of them was creating art thou.

It was working here, where I really notice the advertisements.  The big primary colors, the dark graphic lines.

It all meant to catch your eyes and Pop off the walls. When I was on break, or lunch I would catch myself

just staring at the Coke Ads.  Studying, deconstructing, imagining sometimes, why does this picture

command my attention so much. I was forming my art style in my head and I knew, it had to include the

graphic lines of commercial art... 

It was hard times in 2008, there was a housing crises and the economy was not doing so well.

Coca-Cola was a great company with great people, and I started to do my own art again. But unfortunately

I was laid off and I decide, No more, that I would not be scared to do what I want to do.

I would start to follow my passions in life... 

I had been volunteering at my hometown Fire Department for awhile It was a secret calling of mine,

to be riding down my hometown on the back of a Fire Truck with the lights flashing and siren blaring,

off to some dangerous adventure to the rescue. Just when one door closes, an other opens up, as they said.

The next year I went to the Fire Academy and I became a Fire Fighter

Being a Fire Fighter has taught me to be brave in my heart and art...


I am bringing out the fanboy in me with the Pop culture references. The technique of cross hatching, shading and story telling of retro comic strips and comic books into my style. The big colors, bold lines  and negative space of

commercial and graphic art.  Throw in a dash of Low Brow and Pop Surrealism and

I believe I have created a style of art that is all of my own...


Fireproof Message

Art is the imitation of life.

How can a artist make art, if the artist doesn't experience life.


So I put down the game controller down one day and decided to really experience life.

To all my young anti-social inspiring artists, don't lock yourself in a room and

be that cliche tortured artist. Go places !!! Experience new things !!!  get out of your

comfort zone and spend time with your friends and love ones. 


Help your dad work on that car and tell him, that he the greatest and he can fix anything.

Tell your little sister, you'll always have a place in your heart for her, and she the best person in the world.

Trust me you'll regret it, when they are gone.

I have learned a lot about life on my art journey and I hope this

encourages you to follow your passions...

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